Cote' Color Corporation, founded by Gene Cote', opened their doors in Charlotte, NC in 1985.

Gene Cote's involvement with textiles began at the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Textile Chemistry. Following school, Gene accepted a position with Inmark located in Hawthorne, NJ.


While at Inmark, Gene gained valuable experience in pigments and dyestuffs. In 1956 Inmark moved him south where he continued his work with the company for 10 more years.
Following Inmark, Gene went on to work with Blackman Uhler for 20 years.

In 1985, after paying off his children's tuition payments, Gene resigned from Blackman Uhler so that he could start his dream. He founded Cote' Color Corporation that same year in Charlotte, NC. By 1990 the plant relocated to a larger facility in Spartanburg, SC.

Gene's son, Paul Cote', has taken his father's lead and is now the acting President of Cote' Color Corporation. Paul joined the Corporation in 1987. Paul Cote' graduated from The Citadel and previous to Cote' worked with Milliken, Inc.